05 Jun 2018

An Evening with Gordon Brown

Hear Gordon Brown, the former prime minister, reflect on four decades on the front line of politics.

Southbank Centre’s literature and spoken word programme, in partnership with Fane Productions, presents former prime minister Gordon Brown in candid conversation with Sarah Brown.

Reflecting on over four decades in the world of politics, Brown discusses the turning points of his career and offers a behind-the-scenes account of the key events that have shaped our times.

As chancellor of the exchequer (1997 – 2007) and prime minister (2007 – 2010), Gordon Brown has been a towering figure in UK and global politics and was a key architect of the New Labour movement when the shape and nature of politics itself was changing dramatically.

Now, following the success of his recent bestselling memoir My Life, Our Times, he reflects honestly on the tumultuous events that have divided Britain. Few key figures are better placed to examine Britain’s future with Europe and its role on the world stage.

And few interviewers are better placed to ask personal and probing questions about the pivotal moments of his time in power than his wife Sarah Brown, who bore witness to his time in office and now heads up the global children’s charity Theirworld. Sarah Brown has previously spoken at Southbank Centre’s Women of the World festival and is a leading campaigner for global health and education.

Brown offers decisive and critical insights into the big question: What happens next?

He also comments on his remarkable career in this rare opportunity to hear a from a true political giant.


Serena Brett